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Marketing Rebooted eCourses covering Social Media Marketing December 18, 2011

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MARKETING REBOOTED is a series of eCourses for marketers trained in traditional advertising and marketing methods, who know a little about new generation marketing tools and techniques – but not enough.

Our current offering: several courses on Social Media Marketing, easily today’s hottest topic for marketers (both locally and globally). Below you’ll find the courses summarised — click on the links for more details at our sister site, SocialMedia.org.nz.

Social Media

Social Media is the hottest topic in marketing circles right now and many businesses (around the world, not just in New Zealand) are feeling pressured to get involved with social outlets such as Facebook  or Twitter. Small wonder — research analysts eMarketer are reporting that social media has reached the tipping point, with more than half of all U.S. internet users now frequenting social spaces in a typical month.

Where the U.S. goes, can New Zealand be far behind? Actually, we may well be ahead of them. 96% of New Zealand internet users went to a social network site in May 2011 [Source: comScore, "State of The Internet with a Focus on New Zealand"] – and more than 2 million Kiwis now have an account on Facebook.

And it’s becoming habitual — half of us visit the Facebook site at least once a day, to catch up on what our friends are doing (and to tell them where we’ve been and what we’ve done).

So Kiwis can now be found in large numbers hanging out on social networks. Should marketers be there too? Absolutely, notes eMarketer, channeling the results of a February 2010 survey by Chadwick Martin Bailey, a market research firm. According to their data, 33% of U.S. Facebook users have become fans of brands on the network.

And plenty more social network users are talking about brands online. Whether it’s good news or bad news, if it’s hot it spreads in milliseconds across the social networks.

An unfortunate example? On September 26 2009 Kraft launched the glorious new Vegemite iSnack 2.0 in the quarter-time adbreak of the AFL Grand Final. Before the adbreak was even over, tweets of death were resounding across Australia and thence across the world:

NO! Vegemite cream cheese product CANNOT POSSIBLY be called “Vegemite iSnack 2.0″. Bad joke or most epic FAIL in FMCG branding history” – tweeted by downesy

I said “do you speaka my language?” She just smiled and gave me an iSnack 2.0 sandwich. #vegefail – tweeted by jmappellekim

On the rather more positive side, a recent Nielsen/Facebook joint study showed significant uplift in Advertising Recall, Awareness and Purchase Intent amongst those brands “liked” in Social Media.

Nervous yet? Worried about your brand? Or just eager to take advantage of the added value if fans ‘love you’ socially?

It’s time to upskill yourself on social media — it’s too late to be an early adopter, but now would be a good time to start getting yourself socially adept. Check out our current ecourses:

Course SM-11: Social Media Marketing

This is a seven-part eCourse providing a comprehensive introduction to Social Media Marketing, from the Basics to detailed instructions on how to build and run a Social Media Marketing programme.

For more details of the Social Media Marketing online course, please click here.

Facebook Kickstart Programme

This course offers hands-on guidance to help you build your presence on Facebook. It’s a twelve-step programme released over four weeks, complete with demonstration videos, practical advice, resources and real-world examples.

For more details of the Facebook Kickstart programme, please click here.

Facebook Accelerator Programme

So you have a few hundred (or a few thousand) followers on Facebook but now you want to know how to get to the next level. Our Facebook Accelerator seven-part online course will lead you through the steps necessary to supercharge your Facebook presence.

For more details of the Facebook Accelerator programme, please click here.

Marketing Through Google+ Pages

It’s the newest social kid on the block but it’s backed by the ubergiant Google. Learn all about Google+ Pages for Business, how to claim yours and how to to make your pages really work for you.

For more details of the Marketing Through Google+ Pages programme, please click here.


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